Milton Bradley does it again…maybe for the last time

In a continuation of the Milton Bradley Saga, news out of LA is that our adopted troubled child has done it again. Allegedly Milton threatened a woman in Van Nuys California, who called the police Tuesday morning. Milton was arrested then released on $50,ooo bail. Milton has a court date set for Feb. 8th and I’m sure has Jack Zduriencik and the Mariners legal team are working overtime pouring over his contract to see if this latest meltdown by the brooding ballplayer is enough to void the contract.Like a lot of you I would not mind seeing him get released after hitting a dismal  .205 with 8 homers and 29 RBI’s in 73 games last year.

   Even if the Mariners cannot figure out a way to get out from underneath the $12 million liability for next year, I have a hunch this may be the last straw for Milton Bradley. This sort of drama is the last thing this club needs as they attempt to put together a cohesive team in a few weeks that will somehow play better than the 2010 team.

   In other Baseball news it looks like the Mariners have come to agreement with a trio of pitchers ie: David Aardsma, Brandon League,and Jason Vargas thus avoid going to arbitration by signing these guys for next year at undisclosed amounts. It appears now the team has the entire roster under contract for 2011, which gives the organization one less thing to worry about. Of course the whole Milton Bradley thing could be some sort of divine intervention, especially if the team can void the contract somehow and thus suddenly having some cash to go sign a few needed additions to this mediocre squad.

    I also wanted to let my readers know about a new site : A great young guy named Steve is putting this website together and he contacted me about doing a little clip about the Mariners and their upcoming 2011 season. Check it out on Youtube at:;hl=en_US”></param><param . I wish him luck in his new project and hope to work with him again as the season unfolds.

   I will be attempting to make some upgrades to my site for 2011 with a new theme, more features, and hopefully some podcasts and webcasts of my own. Feel free to send in any ideas you may have as readers to help improve this site. I’m also hoping to find a couple of writers to fill-in for me during the season, so if you always wanted to be a sportswriter who gets paid zilch, let me know !

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