Seattle Seahawks will beat the Chicago Bears by 7

Seahawks headquarters in Renton 

        Like many of you I would be happy to just replay last week’s game over and over and continue to savor the stunning upset over the Saints last week. But alas the Seahawks have a game to play this Sunday in frigid Chicago and thus have been preparing all week over at the Seahawks compound at 12 Seahawks way in Renton. I took a little trip over there Tuesday to see if I could catch a glimpse of our gladiators at work on the shores of Lake Washington. Unfortunately for me the players had the day off, however I did manage to drive in to the facility and take a quick look around. I parked in the spot designated “12th Man” right next to Pete Carroll’s parking space and walked in.

   The receptionist was quite friendly and we chatted a bit about the exciting times we have suddenly found ourselves in. She let me know that the coaches were around working on preparations for the game, and that the players would be back Wednesday. The picture on the left is in the main lobby above the elevator and was quite impressive. Anyway I did not make it back to see the guys on Wednesday, but I hope they practiced outside to start trying to get ready for the temperature in Chicago which is supposed to be around 15 degrees with wind this Sunday.

   Despite last week’s game against the Saints, the vast majority of the mainstream media types are still picking the Chicago Bears lead by QB Jay Cutler who has never won a playoff game, to beat the Seahawks by 10. We shall see, as I think Matt Hasselbeck and his crew are starting to hit on all 8 cylinders and should be up for the challenge. The Bears will have defensive star Lance Briggs available this game unlike the previous meeting between these two clubs. Briggs is a gamer, and will be a tough addition to a Bears lineup that the Seahawks managed to beat 23-20 back in week 6 of the regular season. The Bears have an experienced Defensive squad overall with 10 of 11 starters bringing a total of 40 games of playoff experience to the table this Sunday.

   While the Bears may have a slight edge on defense, I give the Seahawks the advantage on offense thanks mostly to the experience and street-smarts of Matt Hasselbeck. I also look for none other than Marshawn Lynch to have another big day grinding out tough yards on the frozen Midwest tundra. With the conditions looking to be extreme, I don’t look for a repeat of last Saturday’s high-scoring shootout this weekend, but probably more along the lines of a 21-14 Seahawk win.

   Word on the street is that the Chicago fans and local talk shows are already looking ahead to the Packers the following week rather than giving the resurgent Seahawks any chance at all. While this may come in handy the day after we beat the Bears for bragging rights, rest assured that the Bears players and coaching staff are watching film all week just like coach Carroll down in Renton. And while the Chicago Bears fans may be portrayed as big dumb oafs, their team and coaching staff surely are not taking the Seahawks lightly after the way we took down the reigning World Champs last Saturday.

   So here it is another bold prediction for a Seahawk win this Sunday by 7 at Soldier Field in Chicago. I actually feel this one in my gut and am not just saying it because I’m some sort of crazed Seattle Sports fan, though being the latter is kind of fun this week…. Go Hawks!

Hawks get ready to feast on hibernating Chicago Bears

Seahawks flying high above expectations

Due to conditions beyond my control, this Mariners baseball blog has been temporarily drafted into service as a Seattle Seahawks fan blog…..

While I am sorry for the inconvenience, duty calls as all-hands will be needed on deck, if indeed our Hawks are to continue their improbable flight towards Dallas and the Super Bowl one victim at a time.

This Sunday Pete Carroll and his cavalier crew will be descending on Chicago to try to feast on a group of  Bears who have been hibernating for a week enjoying a bye as a result of being the #2 seed.

  As we speak Matt Hasselbeck and the other Hawks are starting their preparations down in Renton, as one more time our guys will need to figure a way to out-flank the chubby Bears next Sunday at Soldier Field in front of a crowd that will not be as friendly as the masses gathered here Saturday.

   Meanwhile here in Seattle, folks are getting into the spirit of things as we once again dare to believe that the long Championship draught just might come to an end in this the most improbable of all seasons. Small business owners will be posting more signs of support for our team, along with random fans wearing  jerseys of their favorite players all week. Things happen fast in situations like this and one must be prepared to take any opportunity to get in the game and show some hometown spirit.

   I have broken-out my ” Fremont the Left-Wing of the 12th Man Sign” and posted it in the rear of my car and am planning on heading down to 12 Seahawks Way in Renton to show some solidarity to our team as they prepare this week.

What will you do to help the cause? Are you in it to win it? Now is the time for all good Seahawks fans to come to the aid of their team and the city they represent. Don’t be shy let your imaginations and hearts soar like the majestic birds our team is named after. We have waited a long time in this town for some real sports excitement, and out of nowhere it is here so let’s make the most of it before the moment slips out of the grasp of the great Seahawk spirit that is carrying this team in its talons all the way to Dallas via Chicago then back to our home nest! 

   While the whole 12th man thing  may seem hoaky at times, it has an effect on our boys on the field and since they are traveling this weekend we need to do all we can this week to show our team we are indeed as hungry for a Championship as we are for Sun this time of year. And yes we can get a little zany, but you would be to after waiting 35 years for a Super Bowl win……Go Hawks! http;//

7(8)-9 Seahawks stun the world with 41-36 win!

Jeff celebrating the Hawks 41-36 win!

Sometimes you just have a feeling about a game before it starts no matter what anyone else says. Todays 41-36 victory over the favored Saints was one of those games, and thus I predicted a Seahawk win by 10 earlier in the week here on my blog.

As it turned-out we only won by 5, but it was the greatest Seahawks game I have ever watched, let alone attended, in my 35 years as a Seahawks fan.
  I grabbed a couple of tickets on Craigslist down in section 137 and was treated to a carnival-like atmosphere as our hometown boys battled the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in a game that went along way to redeem the Super Bowl that was stolen from us 5 years  ago.
The whole 12th Man thing was magical today as we gave our hearts and lungs to a team that nobody in the mainstream media picked to win. As a matter of fact there were precious few in the local media who gave Pete Carroll and his team a chance today. But we believed in our guys and their manic head coach,and we were rewarded as the old cagey veteran Matt Hasselbeck  lead Seattle to one of the most stunning upsets in NFL playoff history today.
   Yes Drew Brees threw for 404 yards and had the National media (and perhaps a few of the refs) behind him today, but the Saints vodoo proved helpless as the Seahawks sent a clear message today: NOT IN OUR HOUSE. For once we had a balanced offense combining the great game by Hasselbeck with a running game lead by Marshawn Lynch who broke through for a 67 yard TD run in the fourth that turned Qwest field into a miniMardi Gras. I am not sure how many tackles Marshawn broke with that incredible run, maybe 7 or 8, as the kid showed enough desire and determination in that one run to save our city from our long drought of sports depression. I am still nearly speechless about this game as it has not all quite settled in yet but figured I should write something tonight while the  feeling of elation is still with me.
   You probably saw the game and may be able to read a better break-down of the play- by-play in many other reports. But after taking heat all week for predicting this upset online, you are not going to read another post from anyone who is savoring this sweet victory more than me.
   My friend Kevin T. who I went to the game with, along with myself  have been through a lot of adversity in our lives and at one point in the fourth quarter before Marshawn turned in the Lynch-pin run, we both kinda looked at each other as that familiar feeling of angst and pain began to set in. But I am here to tell you that at that moment two grown men (along with perhaps several others in attendance) looked into the clear blue sky and asked our Higher Power for his will to be done…….And Boom! It was, with a clear sign like a bolt of lightning as Marshawn made his mad dash into history!

    Who knows how  the rest of the playoff season will unfold, but for tonight I am grateful! Go Hawks!

FYI CHECK OUT”THE RUN” by Marshawn Lynch taken from Youtube: “;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0″></param><param 

Seahawks will beat Saints by 10 this Saturday

Go Hawks!

   Well I know this is a Baseball Blog but after last nights win by the Seahawks over the Rams I felt compelled to write something positive here, especially with all the negativity both locally and on the national scene due to the fact that the Hawks are in the playoffs despite finishing up at 7-9.

  As you may have guessed by now I’m an old veteran when it comes to Seattle sports and my best memories of the Hawks date back to the Dave Krieg/Steve Largent era. However I did come back into the fold in 2005 and not only attended the NFC Championship game here against Carolina, but also went to the Super Bowl in Detroit. It has taken me nearly this long to get over the way that game was stolen from us, but I’m breaking-out my Hawks gear and may even grab a ticket for the Saints game!

   While I’m sure most of the smarmy types in the local media and blogosphere will try to hedge their bets with all sorts of talk about not really expecting to win etc. I am picking the Hawks to win, and yes they have a chance. You see on any given Sunday any NFL team can get hot like the underdog SF Giants did in the Baseball playoffs last year, much to the chagrin of all the brilliant/arrogant pundits in the mainstream media.

   So I am going to pick the Seahawks by 10 over the New Orleans Saints this Saturday right here at QWEST Field baby! Yes you heard it right I think we are going to win as sort of pay-back for the Super Bowl that was stolen from us 5 years ago. Now since most of you don’t bother to comment I’m not to worried about making this prediction and facing an onslaught of negative energy, but I would like to hear what you think out there on this cold crisp night one way or the other. 

   By the way is Pete Carroll the coach you always wanted to have growing up or what! I love the guy, and also think the whole 12th man thing combined with either of our quarterbacks will be too much for the over-confident boys from down on the bayou….

2010 in review

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Time to let-go of the 2010 season and move on….

   Well the New Year is knocking at the door and with it comes the opportunity to allow ourselves to be hopeful about the future. Not only was 2010 a bummer for the Seattle Mariners and those of us who follow them, but it has been a tough year for many folks who are out of work in this bleak economy.

  But alas 2011 just might be better for our economy and for the Mariners as well. In both cases it appears that we may have hit rock bottom and there is nowhere to go but up. Granted a good season for the retailers over Christmas and the addition of Oliva and Jack Cust aren’t exactly reasons to jump for joy, yet like many of you I  am tired not only of being frugal, but also  have grown weary of  bemoaning the exploits of the 2010 Mariners.

   The first step in any sort of recovery comes when one admits that they are defeated, and there is no doubt that the entire Organization with rare exception blew-it in 2010. I would even go so far as to say that the mainstream press and the local blogosphere added to the whole wretched experience with all the hype and build-up this time last year which made the reality of 2010 even more painful.

   In some ways the 2010 season may have also helped us to put the magic 1995-2001 era into proper perspective and thus allow those of us left as fans to accept the reality of the fact that we are a team involved in re-building rather than a club that can just sign a few free agents every couple of years and then pretend we are contenders. No we are going to have to be grateful for the fact that we have a team here and be patient and realistic yet maintain hope.

   Now having said all of that I do know the baseball Gods sometimes can play tricks on us when we least suspect it, and maybe now that we have been humbled it is quite possible we may just get some pleasant surprises next year from a player or two that we would least expect it from.

   Anyway Happy New Year to all of you out there in Mariners Nation! Go M’s! Tugboat Jeff at

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mariners Nation

With visions of improvement in 2011 dancing in his head…

As we head closer to that special time of the year when we all do our best to be good and spread goodwill towards our fellow-man, I want to take the opportunity to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those who have followed my humble Blog over the last year.

  The 2010 season was painful in many ways including the most painful of all…losing our dear friend Dave Niehaus. But though may of us will be reflecting on the past this Holiday Season thinking about loved ones who are gone or perhaps far away, let us try to remember that it is ok to look back…but don’t stare!
  Yes sure enough a new year as well as a new season of Mariners baseball will be upon us quicker than you can say: Jack Zduriencik…
  For myself I have been able to move on slowly but surely from the dreadful 2010 campaign, and have begun to feel the smallest kernel of hope for 2011. Of course I don’t have any of the naive expectations that we all had at this time last year, but somehow I gotta believe next year is going to be better in some surprising ways.
  At this point it does not look like I will be spending the money and emotional resources to head down to Arizona for spring training like I did last season, but I hope to stay involved with this team via Jeff’s Mariners Fan Blog in 2011.
I hope to make a few small improvements to the look and feel of my Blog, adding more Podcasts and a few other bells and whistles in order to keep-up with the neighbors here in the blogosphere of Mariners Nation. But mostly I will try to give an honest opinion of our hometown team from the perspective of a fan who loves our team, much like those of you who read this page.
   Once again I want to wish everyone out there reading this and especially any actual Merchant Mariners who make their living from the Sea as I once did, a warm and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Tugboat Jeff @
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