Blogless in Seattle

  Well I took the day off from sports today and tended to other parts of my life for a change. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Mariners had won 2-1 over the Rangers and thus win their first series in a month. Ryan Langerhans apparently played a big role in today’s win, both at the plate and in the field. This is major news by itself as Ryan Langerhans has not been a particularly big part of any games this year one way or the other. On any other team a guy with a .188 average would probably be considered a weak-link, but on the 2010 Mariners he is just one of the crew. Hard to say what will become of Langerhans next year but he seems like a nice enough chap.

  Another one of our rather bland personalities this year Doug Fister, managed to get his sixth win of the year only giving-up the one run on a solo bomb to Nelson Cruz. Not much to say about Doug Fister as he always seems to have the same facial expression on his face no matter whether he is winning or losing. Come to think of it the only Mariner who seems to show any emotion at all is Felix Hernandez, hmm maybe it part of the new conditioning program the Mariners are using this year……

  As you may have noticed many of my posts as of late seem to be sort of rambling and off topic. I suppose that is not fair for those of you who eagerly await the moment when you read my posts hoping to catch a glimpse of my astute analysis of the previous game. And if indeed there are any of you left who are really following the Mariners this year, rest assured I intend to finish out my Rookie year as a Baseball– Blogger right up to the bitter end.

  However I have to confess that though this season has been a bust as far as the Mariners go, I have begun to break through years of writers block with these goofy posts. For that I am grateful and owe it all to the Mariners offseason hype that had me believing that this was the year, and that I better make my move in order to be part of history. Well as we all know now the only history I am chronicling (not sure if this is really a word) is perhaps the worst offensive output in modern baseball history.

   So now where do I go from here? I am used to writing every day now, which is a good thing. The Mariners do not look like they will be contenders next year barring a huge infusion of cash and passion from the aging absentee-owner Hiroshi Yamauchi, and yet I have managed to begin to break out of my writers-block through it all.

   So I am going to continue writing. Maybe not about the Seattle Mariners( can you believe that!) but perhaps about life, love, politics, travel, adventure etc. over the winter. Yes I may check in now and then to talk about  postseason play, or in the event that there is some big Mariners news, but this old sailor has other stories to tell and time is ticking away.

   Anyway I just though I would clear the air on this matter so that it does not come as a total surprise when you look up at the New York Times bestseller list someday and see my name there! Smooth sailing, Jeff Engels at

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