Mariners take shore leave and R&R day

As a Merchant Mariner there are basically 3 situations a sailor can find himself in 1: Out at Sea 2: “On the Beach” or out of work and usually broke, or 3: On a ship making money but in Port with shore time available. I always enjoyed the latter when I was sailing.

Today our Mariners are enjoying a well deserved day off to call the wife, go shopping, sleep in, or just pause and reflect on the young voyage so far.Coming of the last two nights of good ballgames that resulted in the Mariners winning the series from the A’s I hope they are relaxing and starting to feel a little confidence.

Maybe Milton Bradley will go to church, Sweeney will do some charity work, and Brandon League will go get another tatoo! Aah to be a Mariner in your home port with a day ashore…….

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